5km Training Plan For Intermediate & Advanced Runners

I have taken this training plan from Jack Daniels’ Running Formula (Fitness Training – Blue Advanced Plan) as preparation for a 5km time trial.

E – Easy

J – Jog

T – Threshold

I – Interval

R – Repetition

ST – Strides

TT – Time Trial

The plan details has been posted in my Instagram page for your reference.

Some of the FAQ that I think you should be aware of are as below:

Q: Can I start doing your Week 1 program like after a long break from running?
A: When I started to this program, I carried over my fitness from last year. Running from Nov’18 has build my fitness and prepared my body for a this training cycle. So if you happen to coming from a long break, I advise you to start with a 3-4 weeks of 30-45mins of easy run (3-4 time a week) and 60-75min of easy long run (once a week) to build a foundation to prepare your body to execute the program. You have to gain a good amount of endurance to sustain the workouts along with the intensities.

Q: Do you do stretches after the 15min E prior to the workout on Tuesday & Thursday?
A: Yes, dynamic warm up and ABC drills to activate and get the muscles and energy system ready.

Q: How fast is J pace?
A: Can be a slower than your easy pace and allow you to recover adequately before starting the R pace workout.

Any other questions, you can comment on the Instagram posts or DM me.

I’m using @vdot_o2 to determine the training paces based on my recent 5km TT on December.

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

Week 7

Week 8

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