Rudy Project Propulse | The One

Went out for a run with my “TheOnes” exclusive edition of the Propulse sunglasses this morning ! Here’s the unboxing and footage of my run with Propulse 🕶 around sunny & windy paddy field 😃🌾☀️ 🌬

Rudy Project have selected 1000 running ambassadors all over the world. Every “TheOne” is an active runner. Every “TheOne” is a point of reference in its running community by inspiring and involving other people and sharing his passion. All the 1000 TheOnes embrace our values and our philosophy. It’s not only a matter of performance, sweat or competition. We believe in something greater. We believe in the power of sport as life changing force and in its capacity to build a strong and united team. The Ones are who help the world to run better. Check #RunTheOne in Instagram to see other “TheOne” posts.