Garmin Safety & Tracking – Live Tracking and Incident Assitance

If anything should happen when you’re on the go, activating the assistance feature will discreetly send a message with your real-time location to your preloaded chosen contacts, making it easier for help to find you. With incident detection, your device will automatically send a message with your real-time location to your chosen contacts when an incident is detected during an outdoor walk, run, hike or bike activity. Wi-Fi is not required, but your smartphone will have to be with you and Garmin Connect will have to be running for these smartwatch safety features to work.

Learn how to set up these features below.

Loading Emergency Contacts on Garmin Connect:

-Open Garmin Connect on your smartphone

-Press More (iPhone: bottom right corner; Android smartphone: upper left corner)

-Press Contacts

-Press the three dots on the top right corner and then choose contacts from your address book or enter their contact information manually

-Once you have chosen your contacts, press the back arrow in the top left corner

-Go to Safety & Tracking

-Click Incident Detection & Assistance

-Click Add Emergency Contacts

-Your contact list should show up, and you can select up to three emergency contacts

-Be sure to sync your watch when you are finished