WeRunKL 21km 2016

WeRunKL16 was one of my key race  this year. Although it’s not  my favorite distance, but I think it will be a good learning experience for future and I was also aiming improve my personal best in this distance. The last time I ran this distance was in Borneo International Marathon 2015, so I was a bit nervous thinking how my body is going to respond during the race.

Prior to race, I’ve planned 7 weeks of training program and include few races as a build up for the event. I tried to hit 80km to 100 KM of total mileage in a week, but I failed. I managed to hit 100km only once in that 7 week program, in other weeks it was averaging between 50km to 70km.  My ankle has been(still) giving me trouble, so that took one week off from my training plan leaving it as 6 weeks program. In that one week(2nd week),  I went swimming and do recovery jog (10-20min) in the pool. That lack of mileage left me slightly worried. It was quite difficult for me to achieve goal weekly mileage, my training session could be done only once a day (sometimes cut short) and if I got lucky I could have another session after/before the planned session. I was  planning to include gym sessions, but with nagging ankle and shoulder blade injury , I  restrain myself from doing weight training. I went racing twice prior to the event to maintain my race tempo, which is Parit Buntar Run and UEM Charity Run(Both ended badly). You see, the key to a good race is good preparation that is why I’m telling all these boring things so you could learn a thing or two from my experience.

In the taper week, I tried to get myself as much sleep I can to get myself fresh towards the race. I planned a tempo session with Soh to try our target pace for the event, which was a bit late (should’ve try it a week or two before race week). We planned for 3:41/km pace during the race and it went well during tempo training (maintained 3:35-3:45). The tempo session left me quite tired which wasn’t a good sign but gave me a bit confidence for the race day.

The last time I ran this distance was in May 2015. Hope to break my PB tomorrow.

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I woke up at 4am, get myself ready with KyserunKrew Rookies Captain, Danes Kumar. Got my shin & ankle  taped with #RockTape and also taped my power gels on my rib cage since my #Adizero racing shorts has no pockets. Tied up and tucked in my Takumi Sen laces for its debut race. I warmed up for a while with sub 33 minutes 10km runner, Thevan(who finishes first that morning, clocking 1:14:55). I asked what’s his target this morning, he gave me the usual humble reply telling me there’s a lot more better contender than him that morning ( no one has been able to outrun him for the past two years in road races). He speak humbly and do all the “talking” while racing.

I warmed up for 15 minutes, finished drenched in sweat. I take it as a sign how the race will be, humid. I told myself to sip water whenever I pass by water stations. I have to credit #WeRunKL16 organizer for having waves and priority for sub 1:30 runners with a special tag to be in the front. With one less thing to worry, it would help the fast runners to clock good time. I hope to see that again next year. The field seemed to be heavy for both  male categories. Jean Pierre, Shaharudin, Vadivellu, Shahrom, Ramesh for age category above 25 and, Soh, Luth, Daniel, Amin, Prethib for age category below 25. Being in category above 25 y/o, I will be facing seasoned runners with a good base and experience.

Priority front lane for sub 1:30 runners

The race flagged off, and surprisingly, everybody was cautious. I was waiting for JP or Abg Din to took the lead, but none of the elites came in front except for Thevan. He’s a front runner, so I don’t keep my eyes on him. I stayed with Soh, we were supposed to maintain 3:40 pace/km, but it didnt go as we planned. The pace was around 3:35, the front pack was building their race pace and try to shook everyone off. It was windy, so I stayed behind and keep up with them, my race only starts at the first 10km mark. The pack leader keep changing between Vadivellu, Amin, Soh, (usually I don’t remember precisely what happened during race because I was in a intense state @.@) I tried to hold Soh to maintain the target pace, but I guess both of us got carried away with the race tempo. One by one drop from the pack, Vadivellu, Soh, Vasanthan, and myself was in the lead pack(Thevan was far away from us, racing himself). I can feel myself starting to feel exchasuted. I kept looking at my watch each KM reminding myself to maintain target pace. I was supposed apply my pace plaster on my arm to keep track of my time every 5km, but I left it in my room.

My very own invention, pace split tape / plaster . This was my target time for each 5km 😛


I was maintaining the  pace with Soh, before he dropped from pacing together  around 13km and that’s not something good for both of us. So I carried on my own, chasing Vasanthan and Vadivellu in front of me. After a while I can see Hilton  KL Sentral, we were closing to the finishing line. I tried to push myself and close the gap between me and both of them(Vasanthan & Vadivellu), I simulated this during my long run with fast finish a week ago with my friend. So I was hoping I have the same energy and pushed myself in last few km to chase them. They are not slowing down either and going further and further from me, I pushed myself and at the same time reminding myself to stay relax(not clenching my fist/relax my my shoulder/controlled hand swing) and get ready for the kick. After the roundabout near National Mosque, I could(still) see SWC coming from the opposite, I know this boy has a good kick so I started my kicked harder.


Kicked last km at 3:42, not bad for an exhausted side stitched guy, right? I crossed the finishing line at 1:18:17  finishing behind Vadivellu, but more importantly a new personal best shaving off 4:19 seconds. It was huge for me, I was in doubt how am I gonna finish this race few days ago, now this. Alhamdulillah, He reward my hard work. All the workouts, time, sacrifices, naysayers, friends helped me to achieve this. It’s not a one man journey, many supported me and pushed me while I was in doubt in myself. I dedicate this to all of you. For my kindest and generous sponsors, this is the quality I have and I will keep  improving deliver the best with your support.

With the best crew
With my category winners, hats off to both of them

For those who are reading this, don’t let anyone’s ignorance, hate, drama or negativity stop you from being the best person you can be.


Till then, keep on running people.  






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