Twincity Marathon 2016

I took part again in Twincity Marathon this year, but this time in 12km. Last year I ran 21km and finished 1st(after some runner in front of me lost their way), and this year I managed to finish 3rd behind Xenos and Rosnizam. The race almost went well, and I sustained an injury at 7km mark. That slowed me down a bit , and I couldn’t close my gap with Rosnizam. There could be two reason for the cause of my injury, first the surface I trained (interval) in that week was uneven(horse sand track) and I was kept changing direction(avoiding holes & horse sh*t) while running in race pace. Second reason could be my new shoes, Adios Boost 2. But it’s too early to conclude if the shoe is not fitting my running style.


Right now I’m focusing on rehab, to make muscles around my leg stronger and get back to usual performance. It’s gonna be a tough year for me, but I believe with the right amount of training and rehab, I will get back to my usual performance.

As a full time worker in a MNC, I need to find balance between my work and training to ensure I achieve excellence in both field. With the support of my sponsors RockTape Malaysia, Marathon Baker and newly on boarded The Marathon Company, I’m confident I have a good support system to perform well in running. Till then, keep on running people!


With RunMdn friends
Kyserunkrew, Cerava Runing Crew, & RunMdn.
“Akak pantang kalau orang kategori sama dengan akak potong akak waktu race” Kak Yat. Rocking in her gold age.



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