KL New Year Run 2015

The last time I ran races in KL was Am Bank City Day Run in February 2015. Whenever the races begins at Padang Merbuk or Dataran Merdeka, don’t expect it gonna be easy. You need to be ready to face hills. I was expecting those hills and didn’t hope for time improvement from this race. Plus, I was trying out my new gears Adios Boost 2 so its more like a test run at the race.


The REPC of the event had some issue as most of us know, so I presume there could be some problems during the race day.  I reached the race venue and had a 15 minutes of warm up. After settled my warm up, I went to the starting line which was quite packed with crowds. It was drizzling that morning with no sign of sun,  I liked the weather because it helps my body to stay slightly cool during the race therefore I can run faster. There was some familiar face and most of the fast runner in KL was at the starting line. Nik , Xenos, Thevan, Mark, Coach Din, Arul Theva Run Club runners and some Kenyans. All are gunning for the top spot to start their year.


I was there, hoping I could follow them and clock a good time. So after the race flagged off(15 mins delay) one group of Kenyan with Thevan blazed off to the front, I followed Nik for the first 2KM and the split was 3:11 for both KM. That was quite taxing for me, so I slowed after that two km and followed this MSSM track boys. They are  young and run very fast, I could only keep up with around 1km then I got left behind.


After that I followed few other runners and right after passing Maju Junction building, my watch notifies it’s already 10km. I felt my side stitch coming up slowly, I decided to take it slow from there. I managed to get 8th place after few other runners who’s in front of me took a wrong turn, something I expect since the REPC of the event.


Photo credit to Mr Tey



Me and Suhayl going to collect the prize on podium. He was shy at the beginning only.






Distance recorded 10.94km. Photo credits to 2009tonton.blogspot.my.


I got a 5km PB for this race, as I clocked 17:05. I’m pretty happy with the start of the year, I hope I can dip below 17:00 for 5km and 35:00 for 10km in 2016. It was a good race, but I didn’t fully utilize it hopefully I can run again an exact 10km race in KL this year. Thank to Coach Din and Lau for the guidance, KyserunKrew and friends for the support. I wish you all have a fantastic 2016 !



*awan has been busy with his day job and training, he will try his best to write whenever he has time.  ‘:)

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