My Buddies Run 2015

This was my last run of the year, a 10km race at my old working area. Haziq was kind enough to let me crash at his place on the night before race day, I don’t want to take risk of riding bike in the early morning at MEX while raining. I’ve had enough dangerous rainy rides during my working days at Cyberjaya, you’ll feel the strong wind push and there’s no stops for bikers. MyBuddiesRun was organized by MYNIC Berhad is the sole administrator for web addresses that end with .my which parked under Ministry of Communication and Multimedia Malaysia.

Me and Haziq warmed up nearby the starting line 30 minutes before the race. I liked the starting line without barricades, so I don’t need to worry about getting to the front line without going all the way back. I saw some familiar face along with Abang Din, Vijayan, Haziq Hamzah, and some army runners. Strong line up, I said to Haziq. Competition is good, good competition means good timing. My sub 35:00 mission ignites again.

The race flagged off and it was lead by an white singlet runner and dropped after a while then Nik Fakarudin(NF) took the lead. NF went alone  in front , me and few others was in one group with Abg Din(AD), we moved slowly behind NF trying to close the gap. At the 2.7km mark just after the water station I stayed beside Nik till we start to climb at and he left me again. My pace dropped for a while, and recovered after the hill. By that time, AD and NF already in front of me. NF was leaving gap behind him and AD, while I’m trying to close my gap between AD.

Around 7km-8km there was a another hill slowed me down, and  I must recover faster after that hill because we were about to reach the finishing line. There’s another runner closing the gap with me from behind, it was a familiar face Rosnizam who finished ahead of me during 3R Run 10km at Putrajaya this year. I managed to get closer behind AD, but I can’t overtook him. Btw he’s saving his gas for veteran track meet in the afternoon that day, else I’ll be left behind further. I managed to cross the finishing line at 35:21 mark, distance recorded was 9.97km.


Me & Mat Jau before heading to recovery session at Cyberview


I’m satisfied, I  could clock 35:17 & 35:21 in past races and 35:21 again in this one. I will try to tag along NF or someone faster to clock better timing in next race. It was a good race overall, good marking along the challenging route. I look forward to run again in Cyberjaya next year as I’m taking part in Twincity 12km run on January. I would like to thank AD, Coaach Lau, RockTape, MarathonBaker, Kyserun Krew and my friends for their guidance & support. I will come back stronger next year, with a new direction. Till then, keep on running people!


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