Race week tapering for long distance runners

Mileage and Speed works

  • Cutback your mileage around 50%-60%.
  • Do a short sweet fartlek or low intensity cruise interval(between easy and moderate pace) such as 6x200m
  • Pushing too hard(speeed work outs, hill training) on the race week would leave you exhausted on the race day, so try to avoid such training.


  • Avoid high injury risk activities such as hiking/badminton/futsal before the race day
  • Avoid getting wet on rain or too much iced drink/ice cream to prevent yourself getting sick. Take Vitamin C just in case to avoid flu.

    Berocca, to tackle the flu
  • Apply KTTape a day or two before the on the body part that need to be aided, it will help the healing process and reduce the pain.


  • Focus more stretching on the body part/muscles that normally cramp in training/prev races (Initially I advised people to consume ORS few days before the event, but I found that our daily food already contains a lot of sodium)
  • Take ice bath 2 or 3 days before the race day (avoid a day before the event), to get your muscle freshen up for the weekend.
  • Get sport massage before the race only if you are used to it. I was having muscle soreness during International Borneo Half Marathon  after getting massage on taper week, which wasn’t a good idea. 
  • For 10km runners, eat normally and don’t get carried away with the idea of carbo loading. For half marathon runners, you might want to add up your carbo load a day or two before the event. For 42km, you might want to start early, check this link for further elaboration.
  • Avoid trying anything new (Shoes, Gels , Singlet, Short etc). You don’t want to end up having chafing (use Vaseline) on your armpit because of your new running singlet or etc.
  • GET  A GOOD NIGHT SLEEP, ESPECIALLY TWO TO THREE DAYS BEFORE THE EVENT. You wont be able to sleep well before the race day because of anxiety(drink plain flavored milk to help your body calm). Your body will recover better with a good sleep and ready for the race day.
Some runners would be emotionally volatile during race week, mostly due to anxiety 😛

Before Race


  • Complete your race essential shopping in a week advanced. But in case you forgot or too busy,  you can do last minute shopping at REPC if the item dealers are there.
  • Identify duration from your place to race venue and plan your journey. Pack all your gears before you go to sleep, plan what are you going to eat before the race.
  • Plan how do you want to run each KM, what will be your goal time at the first 5km mark/10km mark and etc. Try to stick to your pace goal do not follow the other unless you are a competitive runner.
  • Visualize the route if you have been there. Visualize how you gonna start the race & finish the race, what you are going to do at each water station.
  • Plan your nutrition by studying the route, at which KM mark you are planning to eat your power gel and etc.
scklm route 10km
Failing to plan means planning to fail




Let me know how your race went in the comment section below. Good luck, race strong!

If you have any other suggestion or correction need to be made, kindly comment below or email me at fea11.azwan@gmail.com . Thank you.

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