Nike 1 Mile Challenge, Kyserunkrew VS Run89

Recently Nike Malaysia organized a friendly 1 Mile Challenge between two Malaysia Nike Run Club, Kyserunkrew and Run89. It was part of the “Find Your Fast” program ( search #findyourfast & #sofast in Instagram) where you’ll be clocking your fastest fastest 1 Mile in Nike+. Kyserunkrew had arranged 8th week training plan according to the training plan available in Nike website. We got the news regarding the challenge between Kyserunkrew and Run89 and all we were told was the time and place to gather, they have been very confidential about where the event takes place.

So fast, the security has to stop me. #sofast #findyourfast #nikerunclub #kyserunkrew

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  We gather at Mid Valley Nike outlet at 5pm to collect our “So Fast” t-shirt and hop on the bus provided by Nike (even the driver was not telling us the venue when we asked). After the bus reached the event venue, we were really surprised. The venue was Cheras Velodrome, it was exciting to think we’ll be running at the velodrome for the challenge. We were welcomed by Mohd Rizal Tisin the 2010 Commonwealth Game Silver(1km time trial) medallist, cycling around the velodrome at a very high speed. It was my first time looking at the velodrome, its steepness wouldn’t be easy for an untrained person like me to cycle at the velodrome.  wpid-wp-1442110766726.jpg The day was getting darker, the lighting around the velodrome was awesome with swoosh logo and “Zoom” wording on the velodrome track. The Muslim went for prayer, thanks to Nike for understanding our responsibilities.   _LMT4464   The brand new Zoom Elite 8 was arranged for runner’s trial, too bad my size ran out so I stick to my Nike Zoom Speed Racer 5.

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  After everyone settled down, we were briefed how the challenge works. Each of us has been given a bib number, ranging from 001 to 080 and every round will start 10 runner on each of starting line at the track. Meaning there will be 10 runners on the track, placed at 2 different starting point as in like Cycling event time trial. So the first round is determine the King and Queen of Speed, and the top 3 fastest runner from each crew will be running another round with their fastest crew placed at the different starting point so it will be the three against 3.    

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  I was wearing bib number 051, so I had a plenty of time to warm up. Coach Shaharudin was there with Kak Sofia & Bro Shaiful, so it was to good to have your coach around you before the race. He told me the time I should clock each lap and he’ll be keeping lap with Bro Shaiful. Huzaifah & Rauzan did clock some decent timing  5:07 & 5:10 respectively in their run earlier, so I used that as a benchmark  for my run later. My bib number was called around 9:00pm for the run, I was all set with a few strides before stepping into the track. I was pumped up as the crew was standing just side of the track calling my name, but I kept reminding myself I need to clock 59 sec each lap to clock 5:00.  wpid-wp-1442652735973.jpg The run was flagged off and I stride to the front to avoid the block from other runners. My first lap was too fast, I could hear Bro Shaiful shouting 53 sec along with my crew cheering at the side. I slowed down when entering my second lap, passing the second lap at 58 sec just nice according to the planned split time. My mouth and eyes(contact lens) starts to dry because of humidity plus the haze. After completing another three lap (5 laps in total) I crossed the finishing line clocking 4:49. wpid-wp-1442546622655.jpg I could feel my hamstring a bit strained after the run, so I went to the medical team and asked for ice. While waiting for other runners to complete their run, I stretched myself hoping to run for the crew in the final run. Syafiq helped me to relieve the strain by massaging my leg using his foot on my calf and leg(will do a tutorial post for massaging ) , that helped a bit to relax my muscle and get ready for the next run. I warmed up , stretched my left hamstring, and did few strides with Rauzan and Huzaifah while waiting for the girls to complete the run. Bib number 013,041 and 051(mine) was called for the final run. I start to visualize each lap I’ll be running and what’s my lap goal.   wpid-wp-1442654483118.jpg   Me, Rauzan and Huzaifah was ready  for the run while the crew was cheering by our side. 6 of us flagged off at different starting line, I took the lead followed by Rauzan and Huzaifah. I was aiming to clear below 4:49 for this run, Jojo and Tina waited for me to cross the first lap and I heard 53 sec for the first lap, too fast I said to myself. I can’t hear Rauzan footstep behind me anymore after passing the first lap, the second lap was crossed at 55 sec. At the third lap I was getting slow, I clocked 59. I can feel I don’t have much energy to spare. Another two laps seems very far for me to complete, my mind starting to slow me down and I was closing my gap between Run89 fastest male crew. I overtook 3 them, and that gave me extra boost to push myself. Crossed the 4th lap at 1 min, everyone was shouting “Final lap awan, come on!” . It’s what I wanted to hear, to push all out at the final lap. I pushed myself harder; reaching towarps finishing line I can see my crew was going crazy. I crossed the finishing line at 4:45, managed to shave 5 sec from the previous run. I’m satisfied with my second run, and Rauzan overtook Run89 crew just before the finishing line and Huzaifah followed from behind. It was a helluva night for us.  wpid-wp-1442651214190.jpg   wpid-wp-1442651236589.jpg   wpid-wp-1442651275831.jpg wpid-wp-1442651252018.jpg   That night, all the crew pushed themselves. Most of them break their PB and ran their fastest mile. They did their best and I’m proud to witness that. I would like to Thank Nike Malaysia & Kyserunkrew for giving me this opportunity.  It will be one the night I will remember.   wpid-wp-1442546645816.jpg

    Thank you Nike Malaysia & Kyserunkrew!


Photo credits goes to: Nike Malaysia, Syahiran, AriffM & Coach Din

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