Kuching Marathon 10KM 2015

Kuching was one of the anticipated race by me after knowing its a flat fast course, I was aiming to break my PB in this race. Ted and Rustam has been a great help for me and Rauzan, offering us place to stay and driving us around.

We reached the kuching city and parked along the road and walked to the race venue. After done with the subuh prayers near the hotel, I rushed to toilet go “settel some business”. There was some drama while I was trying to find the wash room, I’ll tell you more if we met in person :p


To be in front row at the starting line doesnt seem to be difficult as there were no fence of official managing it which is good for me so I manage to sneak behind a fellow runner(Feldarus) who would be my rival for the next 38 minutes. The race flagged off and Feldarus took the lead with some other runners in front, I followed from behind to identify which one is Feldarus and another runner called Amin(eventually he did not participate). The first KM recorded average of 3:22, dropped to 3:33 and 3:39 in the following KM. 4th to 8th KM was very slow averaging from 3:45-3:56, and picked up to 3:41 to 3:35 in the 9th and 10th KM, additional of 600meter was recorded in 1:47.

There middle of the race was too slow compared to races I ran previously. I tried to go on my own pace and take the lead but Feldarus would stride to the front and take the lead, after trying to get away from him several time and he catched up like fatlek workout I decided to follow him and get ready for a kicker race at the last KM.

The route was flat and a bit windy, the marshall was too near to us. Maintaining the police vehicle in 20 meter would be good to for them to see if anyone of us would try to break away and lead the route , but unfortunately they didnt and Feldarus and me caught up with marshall and there was a route confusion at 7th or 8th KM.

After the route confusion, I took the lead and maintained till the last KM but Feldarus not coming any closer till I crossed the finishing, I saw deo reaching the finishing line, wanted to finish along but afraid Feldarus would catch up. Looking at the timing I was dissapointed clocking 38:53  not breaking my PB not even close to it. Thats what happens when focus on winning rather than breaking my PB, I lost focus on my personal goal. After discussing with Coach Lau, it’ll be a good lesson for me in the future. Always run my own race.


Kuching was great, the food athmosphere the people all nice. I will come back next year with a focused goal and have more Mee Kolok and Laksa Sarawak. I would like to thank Coach Din, Coach Lau, Ted, Rustam, Rauzan, Syafiq, Kyserunkrew amd friends for the support and advice. My next race will be Sundown 12km Johor Bahru, till then keep on running people!

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