Foon Yew Charity Run 2015

After celebrating raya, I joined this race at JB. It was my first race at JB, thanks to bro Shaiful as he offered me to go along with him to JB while “beraya” at his relatives house.

So we arrived at the race venue Suetra Square around 6:30am to collect the race bib and warmed up along with Bro Shaiful’s son. The race was flagged off at 7:53am, a delay 23 minutes. There was one Kenyan few Johor junior athletes and Ben. So I followed Ben’s pace, as we have run along in 3R so he can set a right pace for me. After a few KM the Kenya has ran further away from the group led by veterans, and ben was running with them as I’m closing my gap with them. After leaving the 2 veteran, me and Ben run along and we pass by water station and followed by a short but steep hill.

The Kenyan was leaving us further and further, I raced with Ben it seems liked I’m gonna lose my grip as I’m lacked of speed endurance compared to Ben, but I hold it together and followed him. At the very last 1.5km I pushed myself and my stomach “urged” me to finish faster to get some business done in the toilet. I managed to cross the finishing line with the time of 26:54 with the distance recorded 7.40km, I was second and followed by Ben in the third place.


It was a pretty hot race as we were flagged off around 7:30am, and we wait for some time after warmed up. I was using newly bought my Nike Zoom Speed Racer 5, thanks to Maz for getting for me from Japan. It has a good grip and response, but I need to strengthen my legs muscle as I can feel pain on my both calf after the race.


Nike Zoom 5 Speed Racer

I think my body still need time to gain fitness, training during Ramadhan has slightly drained me I guess. My next race will be Kuching 10km, till then will keep on training and try to get back to my best fitness level. Thank to Coach Din and Coach Lau for the guidance, my training partners, Kyserun Krew, and all my friends for the encouragement and support. See you on the next run!

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