Thirsty Runner 2015

Actually I registered for this run after seeing their nice finisher medal made from wood, after done with the payment then I realized it just after the Men’s Health and Women’s Health Night Run. So I thought I can take it as a recovery run after the night run.
Grabbed from

I couldn’t find time to collect the race kit, but luckily my good buddy Ooi helped me to collect it. I reached my friends UM hostel room around 1:30am and slept there, woke up at 6:00am thats about 4:30 hours of sleep. When you don’t sleep well, it will definitely affect your race performance. This is not just before the race day, but also crucial during your training days, you must ensure you are getting 7­8 hours of sleep in order to let your body recover well.

The race distance was 7km, and my friends Reza he said there will be “bukit geli­geli” along the course. There wasn’t many familiar face, I could see Reza, May, Murali (barefoot runner). The race was flagged off at 7:15am and the pace was led by few school boys and they were good. There was 5­6 of us including two foreigners. After a 1km we started to see those “bukit geli­geli” coming, I could feel the soreness of my leg muscles but I tried to refrain from thinking about it and focus on getting a good timing and maintain my pace. One by one dropped form the first group starting with the two foreigners, and then Murali. There was four of us running in a pack, more and more “bukit geli­geli” was coming,we were running around the housing area and there was few residents out for morning walk and coming back from the market cheered for us.
 I was losing my pace after 17th minute, thats around 7km and I realised slight pain on my left smallest toe. Then I remember I didn’t wore socks with my Brooks T7 (silly me!). Since nobody was behind me and the pain is in both left and right smallest toe I just maintain my steady pace and finished the race clocking 25.20
Small toe of the left leg

So after collecting my prize went reward myself with a nostalgic desert, waffles and root beer at Taman Jaya A&W.

Now I have to apply medication to both of my smallest finger and make sure they recover well so I can prepare for the next run. Congrats to all the winners and have a good rest. Thanks coach Din for monitoring my progress and the training, and also to all of my friends who kept wishing me good luck and motivated me for back to back race. See you all during our next run. 🙂


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