Shape Night Run 2015

It was wet cold night during the race.

Me and Coach Din(Thanks for the ride!) reached Palace of Justice (POJ) around 6:45pm and warmed up, and the sky starts to pour. Me, Coach Din, Lan and Jean Pierre (JP) went to the POJ basement parking entrance and warmed up there.

There rain was relentless followed by thunder and and the race was delayed for 45 minutes. So me, Coach Din, JP and Lan had long warm up, and I did some drills before the race to avoid cramp during the race, cant do much striding since our warm up spot is just 10 meter long (entrance to the POJ basement car park).

With Lan on my left and Venu on my right

At the starting line I could see Venu, and Thevan, and as soon as the flag off both of them gone after 1km. I kept up with Ow Yang up to 5km and I could feel my heart rate was racing and a slight pain in my chest. But I thought it will be okay and didn’t slow down, so I tried to keep up with him but I failed and my pace fade slowly till Coach Din and Vadivellu catches up with me. I managed to follow Coach Din and Vadivellu till 7km after that I couldn’t pace with them and they faded. Just before the U- Turn at Lebuh Wadi Ehsan highway, I thought I’m gonna get heart attack or something so I stopped to take a deep breath few times and continued running. Mark William came from behind and I kept up with for a bit, the pain was still there so I slowed down and Mark went away but I increased my cadence to keep on going.

The pace drop, where I stopped for deep breath  >.<

It’s a shame I couldn’t maintain my pace with Vadivellu and Mark William, but overall I was really happy to push my self over the limit and I will challenge my self to improve further. I managed to clock 41:25, in a 4th place for Men Open.


Finally I can see some improvement for my 10km, I managed to clock 36:10 in the distance of 11:35km.


To the finishing line, still hasn’t improve my upper body poster in the final sprint.
Photo credit to Rauzan

Thanks Coach Din for the guidance, my sparring partners, and friends for the encouragement and supports. Reaching 35 minutes for 10km seems seems really hard but it’s beyond reach I’m on right track. Hopefully I could reach that before my 26th birthday on December.

Me and Matt, geng lari cyberjaya.

See you all in next race, 3R International Marathon(10km). 😀

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