Milo Breakfast Day Run 2015

Milo Breakfast Day Run is one of my annual event, its my third time joining. The first it was held at UPM(2nd place) and last year was at Putrajaya(11th). I was hoping to get 1st this year but oh well, I wasn’t lucky and fit enough to overtake Wai Ching(WC).

For this race I wore my Brooks T7, since it was only 7km so I thought I needed something lighter. The crowd was great, the organizer was great. So after I warmed up, line up at the starting line. Saw Mr Moey and her daughter, Ronnie , Jasni and few familiar faces. Some of them did ran at 9 t0 5 the day before, including my housemates.

The race organizer was kind enough to let me be at the front of the starting line. After the flag off, a big group stayed together before crossing the bridge to PICC, after that I take up the pace for a while. WC took the lead after we pass by PICC and I followed him throughout the race. I was able to sustain my pace but I couldn’t keep up with WC, I can feel the pain on the left ankle and the tiredness of yesterday’s race and the previous week half marathon.

Managed to maintain a good form up to the final KM’s


WC managed to put gap around 80 meter from me around 3km mark, then I followed and managed to close around 20 to 30 meter and we finish the race with a difference of 9 seconds with me finishing 25:40. The distance recorded was 7.31km.

Overall it was a well-organized, enjoyed the race with WC but my preparation wasn’t enough for this short distance race. Definitely will come back again next year for Milo Breakfast Day Run. This run aims to promote healthy life style among Malaysian and emphasizes on having breakfast. Breakfast is the important meal of the day, while you are asleep at night your body will be working on repairing all the muscles and tissues, therefore you need to refuel after you woke up.

With all of my housemates, only Syafiq is missing

I would like to say thanks to Coach Din, my training partners, my housemates, Kyserunkrew, and all my friends for the support and encouragement. Keep running and I’ll see you on the next run.

With Kyserun Krew

Photo credit: Tan Hui Siang & Joline

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