Mens Health and Women’s Health Night Run 2015

Men’s Health & Women’s Heath Night Run 2015 (MWHW2015) is one of the happening races that you must join next year. This is my first time joining it, they had once in 2013 and all those went for it come back said there were lots of goodies. It’s a well organized race, from the registration(slot ran out very fast!) till the goodies bags collection. The only challenging part in this race I was anticipating was the humid weather of Putrajaya but it was offseted by mild rain on the event day.

In the morning I was a at the final Garmin Running Clinic, conducted by Team 2ndSkin & Garmin, we did 5km hill training and also 5km of trail running. It was a bit tiring, I tried to save energy and effort as much as I can for the race at night. The whole purpose of me attending the clinic was to learn how to use the Garmin Watch as a resourceful training device and  gain new knowledge from Team 2ndSkin which was led by TriStupe, and I also made few friends.

So after the training, I attended my residential college fellow’s wedding reception. At the wedding reception, I was tempted by the “Nasi Kenduri” and I fell into the trap. I ate one and a half plate of rice with “gulai daging” and chicken sambal, so I took only one or two small piece of chicken to avoid the burning feeling while running at night. If you have any races at night or evening, try to avoid loading yourself with lots of food and the basic rule is don’t take spicy & oily foods. After the wedding reception, I went back to my rental house to get some sleep and be ready for the night.

Me and my housemate reached the raving venue around 6:30pm and recce for toilet and surau, I wanted to walk around the booth but it was a showering weather so I stayed around Perbadanan Putrajaya and catch up with Bro Fizan and Shazrul.

Pre-race selfies with le housemates. Yes, the one sticking out the tongue is hyper active

The starting line was crowded, but usual “excuse me, sorry” password helped me opening my path to be in front. I was with Lili, I couldnt see Abg Din since there was lots of people at the starting line. The race was flagged of right at 8am, I felt like I didn’t warm up so well but I just keep focusing on following the front pack. I managed to keep up with the front pack, consist of Mark William, Abg Din, Vadivellu & Nik Fakharudin. But after the PICC hill, I couldn’t keep up with them and there was a gap of 10 meters and it was kept increasing, at that time I didn’t look behind me but I know I was running alone and also breaking the gap with a runner behind me. We pass by Putrajaya Challenge Park and headed to Persiaran Selatan, I could still see Vadivellu and Abg Din, but Nik and Mark has gone further.

After the passing Persiaran selatan and reached PICC, I managed to catch up with Vadivellu and there was 1.5km to the finish line, so I pushed myself and pass by Vadivellu. I managed to cross the line with a timing of 42:29. It was close to what I wanted (<42:10), but I guess I’m still tired of the morning training and I also need to save energy for the next morning race, Thirsty Runner 2015.

The race was well organized, the route was marked well, the volunteers did a good job and there was adequate water stations. Congrats to all the winners and thanks to my coach. Abg Din for the guidance. I hope I could still “racun” my housemates to join me running in upcoming running events >:) Thats it for MHWH2015, I hope it will be organized again next year.


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