Drills for speed workout

Drills are very important element in your training. Drill will help you adjust your body coordination, strength and technique. There many drills can be practiced while your training, a serious track runner will add drill as part of their “menu” for warm of cooling down.
For a beginner or recreational runner you want to start with three simple drill.
1. High Knee
This drill focuses of hip flexor  and glutes. It may improve your knee raise while running. It’s also said to be preventing issues with achilles and plantar faciitis


2. Butt Kicks
This  drill focuses on your hamstring and quadriceps. It will improve  your kicks while running.
3.Backward Striders
Backward  running will help with your stride length allowing you to cover more ground while on fast pace.
Each drills can be performed 2 set for 25-40 meters, you can do it before and/or after your run.
After you felt comfortable and ready for more, you may want to add more drills in your training plan. I suggest you to watch this video as a reference, the model perform drill in a very good form and showed from two different angle for better understanding.

References and photo credits  : Runners World

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