Am Bank City Day Run 2015

My target for this race was to break my pb for 10km and I was hoping to clock around 36 minutes since a lot of elites will be coming this kind of race, so thought I could force myself  to push more. I also heard it has something  to do with sea games or sukma selection, but I’m  not very sure about that matter.
Reached  race venue around 6:30am, padang merbuk is quite near to my home. Went to ASWARA to use the toilet since the DBKL toilet was occupied , then warm up with Abg Din and get ready at the starting line.
Abg Din never forgets to smile, and Jaspal using his physical advantage 😀


The race flagged off sharp at 7:30am, and we started  to climb the first hill.I can see Thevan (Men open #1, 32:11) blazing off to front and leave the front pack behind. In the first few km Abg Din, Luth, Venu and few others was in the front pack, after passing Lanai Kijang the I couldn’t  maintain  with the front pack but I tried to keep up with them then started to drop my pace. But after 4km I can’t  feel the power to maintain  the pace and then come the nightmares, the hillls. I felt very weak and one by one runners over took me some of them tap me to give motivation, I try to maintain my pace and after 2km I  felt okay a bit and pushed myself. Maybe I was mentally ready but not physically, I guess body hasn’t fully recover after last week Nike Run.
In the last 3km I was able to push and Jaspal over took me, I keep up with him till the finishing line and I have to say he was very hard to catch and if he wasn’t  there I might finish the race slowly.
Behind me was the Mizuno runner Mr Ganesan, he clocked 36:02 so I assume my time was around that(didn’t stop the garmin watch properly, pressed lap instead of stop). The distance was 9.5km maybe it’s because of the route change due to the safety reason as the participants was briefed earlier at the starting line.
Below is the split screen shot from garmin mobile app(Rauzan borrowed his watch to me, many thanks!). Still learning  to analyse it.


I realised that my upper body posture becomes very bad in the last sprint, which may cause me few second loss. When your body is not stable, your running economy  will decrease and energy will be wasted, so do check by looking at your picture in the finishing  line so you could maintain a good body posture throughout the run.
The pancit face chasing Jaspal

Below is the result for Men Open and Men Junior Veteran  10km


And here’s  the Men Open 10km winners, hopefully I could stand together  with them next year 😛
From left : Thevan, Luth, Venu, Yaashraj, Ahmad Muhammad (Luth’s brother)
I will be focusing  more on 10km to gain more speed and power, thanks to my friends  and coach Din for all the support and guidance.  See you all in the next race people!  🙂
All the photo credit goes to our favorite running blog:   


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