9 to 5 Run 2015


Ran this race after a week I came back from BIM, I could still slight pain on ankle. I put ice throughout the week hoping I will recover as soon as possible. The pain wasn’t that bad during the race day, but still I can feel it.

Reached the racing venue, Ministry of Finance 30 minutes before the race. Warmed up and get to the starting line, there was a wind a slight shower, the weather was cold and nice. I wore my Skechers GoMeb 3 for the race. I didn’t expect myself to be fast for that race since I was more into clocking mileage for BIM training few weeks before and did few easy run after I came back.

After the run.

The race was crowded and flagged off slightly early around 7:27am. I followed the first group consist of Calvin, Rosnizam, Nik, Ow Yang and few other, I know I can’t follow them since they are fast so I stayed behind Ow Yang and the race after a while the race was led by Rosnizam. I stayed behind Ow yang for a while, but I’m not capable following him further so I started to lose my pace. Amirul who used to be in junior category last time came from behind and took over me, followed by his friend Putra, this happed around 6 or 7km. I finished the race on 8th position and a shameful timing.

With Rashid


I waited for the lucky draw, but I wasn’t lucky enough, an aunt won a Sypder bike and an uncle won the Golf Wolkswagen.

The race didn’t go well for me, I can feel I need more rest to recover and rehab from the tiredness and injury. The next day will be Milo Run at Putrajaya as well. I went back home, had “nasi kenduri” at my friend’s brother’s wedding, and iced my leg to reduce the inflammation.


I would like to say thanks to Coach Din, my training partners,my housemates, Kyserunkrew, and all friends for the support. See you tomorrow at Milo Breakfast Day Run.

With my housemates

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