3R International Run 2015

Hi Sorry for the super late post. I’ve been busy with my work and training, couldn’t find time to “mengelat” and write about this race 😛

I arrived a bit late, around 6:15am to the race venue which was late. The race starts at 6:30am, and I couldn’t see the luggage area and I can see a familiar face at the medical test. It was Dr Laila, UM team doctor during Masum 2011 at UPM. So I asked her favor to keep my beg at the medical tent and proceed to warm up. While I was warming the MC said the race will be flagged off at 6:45am, I felt very lucky at that time. I have an additional 15 minutes to warm up.

With Dr Laila


I didn’t see much familiar faces at the starting line, once flagged off I saw one lean muscled (Rosnizam) runner blazing in front, he got this very long high kick stride. I know I can’t follow that fella, so I stick to my pace. As we are running there’s a pack formed around 6-7 runners, and the pack tried to hold me by staying in front of me and slow down the pace. When we reach the bridge before PICC, I pushed my self on the downhill and stayed in front of the pack. After we passed PICC, I broke away from the pack and ran my on own.

I could still see Rosnizam in ahead of me, but I cant keep up with him. I was waiting for him to get tired slow down as his stride is still long and high kicking, oh man I was wrong he’s still running a lon stride with that high kick. Reaching 6km+, Neo Shun Jie came from behind, I was tired already and I followed him. Neo was running a very a good pace, I managed to follow him till 8km++. After enough recovery, I increased my pace and tried catch up with Rosnizam, as I can feel I’m closing the gap. The race ended as Rosnizam came first, I was second, and Neo was third.

Reaching the finishing line


Men Open 10km result

Overall, I’m satisfied myself improved my PB by 19 seconds, from 36:15 (Shape Night Run 2015) to 35:56, but its not good enough, I was hoping to shave more. Hopefully I can do much better in my next 10km race.

My 10th KM Split, the race was 10.10km in my gps watch


Prize giving ceremony

Thanks everyone for the encouragement and support.

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