Vern Gambetta Leg Circuit

Few months ago I came across an useful article on building strength for runners. I thought it would be very useful hence I did a 6 weeks challenge and weekly posting to encourage my friends to do it with me. In this post, I have compiled all the 6 weeks for future reference in case if anyone asks.

Week 1

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Busy and no time for gym? 🏋🏻‍♂️ Wanted to do a short and simple workout to strengthen your legs? I have something to share with you, the #VernGambetta #LegCircuit ! 😃 I think this protocol can be a good basic strength session for runners 🏃‍♀️🏃🏻‍♂️ – “The Leg Circuit is the foundation for more specific work to follow in terms of absolute strength and plyometrics. This is a program to establish a strength and power endurance base. It is also a very useful tool to use in lower extremity injury rehabilitation to rebuild a work capacity base in preparation for return to play.” – “The key to the effectiveness of the circuit is the speed of the repetitions. The goal is one rep per second. This fast eccentric work results in extreme soreness.“ @coachgambetta @gstscoach – I’ve just started Week 1 Session 1, and the goal is to do two session each week and progress gradually until week 6. Let’s do it with me! 💪🏻 For week 1, we’ll do 3 circuits (sets) with 30 sec rest between exercises and 1 min rest between circuits which consists of : ➡️Bodyweight Squat 10 Reps ➡️Lunge 5 Reps Each Leg ➡️Step-up 5 Reps Each Leg ➡️Jump Squat 5 Reps – I’m doing it after my easy runs at place with structure do the step up. I’ll post up the second week progress next week Monday. Let me know if the workout burns 🔥😆 – #adidasRunnersKL #adidasMY @adidasrunning @adidasrunners #adidasrunning #adidastraining #awanrun #strengthandconditioning

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Week 2

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How’s your week 1 of #VernGambetta #LegCircuit ? Was it too easy? Don’t worry, it’s just getting started 😉 – “The order of the exercises is important. I arrived at the order by trail and error. This order allows the exercises to be done with a degree of quality” – “Last but not least, remember context, this is one part of a detailed long term progression. The leg circuit is not an end unto itself. It will give you a real burn, but that is not what it is about, it is about Foundational Strength to provide a work capacity of power endurance to build the upon” @gstscoach – For week 2, we’ll do 5️⃣ circuits (sets) with 3️⃣0️⃣ sec rest between exercises and 1️⃣ min rest between circuits. Repetitions number remains same: ➡️Bodyweight Squat 🔟 Reps ➡️Lunge 5️⃣ Reps Each Leg ➡️Step-up 5️⃣ Reps Each Leg ➡️Jump Squat 5️⃣ Reps – Let’s go! 🤸🏻‍♂️ – #adidasRunnersKL #adidasMY @adidasrunning @adidasrunners #adidasrunning #adidastraining #awanrun #strengthandconditioning #rehab #prehab

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Week 3

Week 4


Week 5


Week 6


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